10 Unconventional Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

7 February 2017

Looking for a something a bit different this Valentine's Day? We’ve dreamt up 10 unconventional ways to show you care.

Valentines Day Beetroot Heart 1


1. Island Getaway

Downsize the carbon (and the cash!) by giving the object of your affection an island getaway this year. No, we're not talking about Fiji. Travel a little closer to home with a day-trip to Matiu Somes or Waiheke, picnic optional. 


2. Stargaze 

What could be more romantic than staring at the stars with your sweetheart by your side? The Auckland Stardome has a Valentine’s Event on this year, while Wellington’s Space Place has a special night of Greek mythological romance, sweet treats and a live planetarium show. 


 3. A literary show of affection.

Is there a novel or book of poetry that reminds you of the one you love? Give them a second-hand copy with a note explaining why it makes you think of them. Bonus points for handwritten scribbles in the margins.


4. A herbal bouquet

Forget expensive and resource-heavy florist bouquets. Why not create a posy of herbs? Think mint, coriander and lavender, or sage, rosemary and thyme. To add an extra layer to your gift, choose herbs that symbolise how you feel about your valentine. For example, lavender (pictured above with our heart-shaped beetroot) symbolises devotion. 


5. A homemade luxury hand bath

Nothing says you care more than a gift with a bit of planning and thought behind it. Why not pamper your valentine with a luxurious goat’s milk and rose petal hand bath?


 6. Love to Roll

Is your beau a bicycle buff? Frocks on Bikes are running their annual Valentine’s Day date Love to Roll again this year, riding around the bays in Wellington. It's a great opportunity to dress to impress. 


7. Buy them a Kakapo

No really. We’re serious. Adopt a Kakapo for your date this Valentine’s Day, and you’re (a) showing them that you’re The Nicest Person in the World, and (b) helping save this incredibly rare parrot from the brink of extinction. Two birds with one… ah… you know what we mean. Adoption options range from $100 to $500. 


 8. Make them a signature scent

Instead of spending heaps on fancy perfume or aftershave, why not create a signature scent with your own two hands? Use a carrier oil like almond or jojoba and add a mix of essential oils with low, medium and top notes. If you need help, ask one of our friendly Health Practitioners for advice.


9. Bake them a cake

Unsure how your crush will receive your display of affection? A cake is great gateway Valentine’s gift.  If you’re a baking novice, we recommend this seasonal fruit torte. It’s incredibly easy.


10. Write them a love letter from the future 

Forget pre-written cards: tell your beloved exactly why you love them in the form of a hand-written letter. If  they're a sci-fi devotee, all the better! Why not take it up a notch by adding some time travel: write them a letter from a year (or fifty!) in the future.