Vegan TVP Spaghetti Bolognaise!

1 December 2017

TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) gets a bad rap for being tasteless. But cooked in the right way, it can be used as a great substitute for mince in all dishes (find it with our grains and legumes!).
Here’s our super simple recipe for using it to make a vegan Spaghetti Bolognaise. All ingredients available at Commonsense.




Time: 1.5hrs

Serves 4


1 Tbsp olive oil

1 onion (diced)

2 garlic cloves (diced)

1 medium/large carrot (grated)

1½ cups TVP

2 cups beef-flavoured stock

2 tins chopped tomato

½ cup red wine

2 tsp garlic powder

2 tsp smoked paprika

2 tsp oregano

1 tsp chilli powder/flakes

2 bay leaves

Dash balsamic vinegar

Salt and Pepper (to taste)

(Herb and spice quantities can vary according to your personal taste)

½ packet spaghetti


  1. Add oil, garlic and onion to a large pan over medium heat, sauté for 10mins
  2. Add the carrot and mix, cook for another 10mins
  3. While you wait, add the beef stock to the dried TVP and leave aside (for 10mins)
  4. Now simply add all the rest of the ingredients (including the TVP & stock) except the spaghetti to the pot and bring to a low simmer.
  5. Leave the pot to simmer for at least an hour. The longer you leave it, the tastier it will be! Stir every 20mins. If it becomes dry, add a cup of water to it and lower the temperature a little.

Serve over cooked spaghetti, topped with your favourite cheese and a sprinkle of parsley!


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