Boost Your Winter Wellness Workshop - Wellington City

15 June 2017, 7:30pm

Want to live a more resilient and wellness-focused life this winter? Come along to this workshop and discover fresh and established methods to boost your immunity with Storm Sommerville. She’ll guide us through hands-on solutions, including turmeric,sauerkraut, bone broth and beyond! Storm Sommerville is an experienced Naturopathic Nutritionist trained in Natural Medicine and Massage Therapy. She loves sharing practical knowledge and skills with her clients on living healthier and more resilient lives. Storm will guide participants through the following: • Why we get sick and immune system basics • Lifestyle interventions to create a healthier you • Instructions for making bone broth at home • A plant-based alternatiuve to bone broth • How to use wellness superfoods like turmeric & sauerkraut • Supporting your immune system with simple supplements Knowledge is power! Come and build your knowledge of self-care solutions, natural remedies and holistic food basics. Boost Your Winter Wellness with Storm Sommerville Commonsense Organics Wellington City Thursday 15th June 2017, 7.30pm-9.00pm Tickets ($25) can be purchased either instore or online until 5pm Wednesday 14th June 2017. Find out more about Winter Wellness Week (12-18 June): here:

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