Garage Project Mashbone Doggy Treat Tasting! Lower Hutt

7 September 2017, 11:00am

Are you tired of getting jealous looks from your dog as you sip on a delicious beer from Garage Project brewery? Well now they can join in fun as well! Please your pampered pooches and carefree canines and come on down to our Lower Hutt store this Thursday for a sample of these new Mashbone Brewery Bites for Dogs. These delicious bites combine flavoursome post-brew spent mash with NZ grassfed beef to create nutritious, healthy snacks for dogs. Ingredients: Garage Project spent mash, flour, free range eggs, NZ grassfed beef n' bone powder. Preservative free. Mashbone Doggy Treat Tasting! Commonsense Organics Lower Hutt Thursday 7th September 11am-1pm

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