René’s Kombucha Tasting - Lower Hutt

16 December 2017, 11:00am

Come and try delicious & probiotic René’s Kombucha with René. René’s Kombucha is a live pro-biotic beverage. It is raw, unpasteurised and has a natural fizz from the live cultures contained in every bottle. This functional drink is batch-brewed and hand-crafted in Maungaturoto, Northland. Our unique organic tea blend of Tulsi (Holy Basil), Green tea and high quality fruit teas were chosen for their superior flavour and beneficial effects. This creates a deliciously vibrant and unique Kombucha, that we believe, is the best-tasting one out there. Come and try René’s four delicious flavours for yourself: - Pomegranate - Lemon & Ginger - Red Berry - Guarana & Acai René’s Kombucha Tasting Commonsense Lower Hutt Saturday 16th December, 10am-2pm

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