The Art of Fermented Foods with Storm - J'Ville Workshop

14 November 2017, 7:30pm

Ever thought about making sauerkraut, kimchi or fermented salsa? Storm Somerville will guide us through the basics of making delicious probiotic fermented foods in our own homes. You’ll finish this workshop readyto get intoyour kitchen and start fermenting! Together, Storm will guide us through the following: - How to make successful kimchi and sauerkraut every time - Using seaweeds to enhance minerals and nutrients - How to use jars and crocks in the fermentation process - The difference between salt and a culture starter - How to make amazing fermented salsas, including pineapple and mango! - We’ll sample Be Nourished sauerkraut, and more Knowledge is power! Come and build yours! Tickets ($25) can be purchased either instore or online until 5pm Monday 13th November. Purchase your ticket online here: Storm Sommerville is an experienced Naturopathic Nutritionist trained in Natural Medicine and Massage Therapy. She loves sharing practical knowledge and skills with her clients on living healthier and more resilient lives. The Art of Fermented Foods with Storm Sommerville Tuesday 14th November 7.30pm-9.00pm Commonsense Organics Johnsonville Also interested in detoxing and superfood smoothie bowls? Sign up for more workshops with Storm in 2017: Detox 101 with Storm - J'Ville Workshop Superfood Smoothie Bowls with Storm - Wellington City Workshop

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