Try Maca with Seleno Health - Lower Hutt

1 September 2017, 11:00am

Peruvian Maca – comes see what all the fuss is about. On Friday 1st of September Seleno Health will be sharing tastings and a display about Maca! Maca is said to be a unique and powerful superfood. It only grows above 3800m in a tiny area of the world on a high mountain plateau in the region of Junin, Peru. It has been the centre of Inca culture, history and spirituality for over 2000 years, and is said to be traditionally used for the treatment of mental health, hormone balance, menopause, PMS, fatigue, fertility and pain. Corin Storkey and Sally Huapaya are a young New Zealand and Peruvian couple who are founders of boutique health company called Seleno Health. Sally’s family are from the Junin region of Peru and she grew up immersed in the farming culture of the Andes that defines the Incan descendants of the region. They work directly with their farmer and bring ethically sourced, Farm to Table Maca to New Zealand. Come and learn about the culture and secrets behind this amazing Incan superfood and how you can make a difference to the lives of those who work so hard to farm it. Maca Tasting with Seleno Health Friday 1st September, 11am-6pm Commonsense Organics Lower Hutt

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