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Averill Turnbull has been breeding goats for 18 years at Paton’s Point in Golden Bay on a property inherited from her grandfather.   She nearly gave up under the weight of compliance costs for regulations that were the same for her business as for a huge dairy enterprise.  "But I’m really stubborn and I wasn’t going to be defeated by the bureaucrats".  We’re really glad she didn’t give up – her soft goat’s cheese is a huge favourite of customers and staff alike!

 Averill’s goats are not certified organic as she cannot find a reliable and affordable source of organic maize, so she feeds them non organic maize.  She also drenches them twice a year as none of the herbal remedies ("and believe me I’ve tried heaps!") have worked to control parasites on the goats.  But the land is organic and the goats are treated right royally by Averill.  The kids have their own paddock which includes pipes and planks as a playground – they love to play.  And when they are too old to give milk they are given a year or two in retirement in the paddock!  Easy to see why the goats love her!

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