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Stoneycreek Farm

Tararua ranges, Wairarapa

“Just go to the end of theMangateretere Road’ he said. Eleven kilometers of metal road, 2 slips and one ford later we seemed to be right in the middle of the Tararuas – and around the next corner we found empty pig pens and an ex-tramping hut that is now home to Steve Hart and Pippa Cain and their children. 

To get to see their pigs we had to hop on the back of Steve’s 4 wheel bike, ford the creek and head up into the Tararuas!  The pigs spend their time browsing 100 hectares of the property, which borders the forest park, but they come back each night for a feed. These pigs were on the way to full organic certification, but they can’t get enough organic feed for them, so they have reluctantly dropped their certification. Steve butchers the meat himself at the Greytown butchery. We sell their sausages, bacon and ham.