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We have five shops in the Wellington region, one in Auckland, and an Online Store serving all of NZ.

For enquiries click on your local shop above to get their contact details.

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Tasting: Six Barrel Soda

29 August 2015

12-3, Wellington City store... » Read more

Tasting: Kapiti Kitchen cordials

12 September 2015

11am, Wellington City store... » Read more

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Bee Aware Month: Sept 2015

28 August 2015

Bee Aware Month 2015 is just around the corner, and as always we're excited to help support our buzzing friends who give us so much... » Read more

A Guide to Dairy Free Alternatives

14 August 2015

Whether you are dairy free for health, lactose intolerance, veganism or to follow a new eating plan, it has been hard to find safe options in the supermarket aisles.  Dairy is one of those things (like gluten) that can turn up in the most unexpected products... » Read more

Staying Well in Winter: How to Boost Your Immunity

19 July 2015

During cold months it's important to think about boosting immunity to prevent infections and stay energised and healthy.  There are many immune supportive measures now available, but improving your diet and lifestyle is the most important starting point... » Read more

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